Friday, January 07, 2005

What I Don't Like About Them

Here's a post from Whatever ( that pretty much nails what I don't like about that certain type of "Christian" I've been calling "fundie" and "Far Right" and "Christian Conservative" on this blog.

Whatever calls them Leviticans, after the book Leviticus, their favorite of all the books in the Bible, and I like that name.

My favorite bit of the post (though it's all pretty good) is this bit:

To suggest that a Christian is actually a Levitican is not to say he or she is false in faith -- rather, it is to suggest that their faith is elsewhere in the Bible, in the parts that are easy to understand: The rules, the regulations, all the things that are clear cut about what you can do and what you can't do to be right with God. Rules are far easier to follow than Christ's actual path, which needs humility and sacrifice and the ability to forgive, love and cherish even those who you oppose and who oppose and hate you. Any idiot can follow rules; indeed, there's a good argument to made that idiots can only follow rules.

Calling them Leviticans instead of Christians also makes it clear what they're not doing -- they're not, in any way, following the teachings of Christ.

Which, as Whatever also points out, I would have no problem with them if they would.

Cause Christ? He had some pretty good advice.

Y'all Leviticans should take a look at it some time.

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