Thursday, January 20, 2005

Really bad

I had this idea.

I've been so negative. Posting all this bad news.

I was going to look for good stuff to say. I was going to shut up until I found some good stuff to say.

But then Infinite Stitch posted this

over on her site.

You need to go read it.

You need to follow the link and you need to look at the pictures of the little girl and her brothers and sisters.

Then you need to tell me about all the good we're doing in Iraq.

I'm really, really waiting to hear what we're doing that's worth shooting these children's parents to death in the front seat of their car while these kids were in the back seat.

I want to know what's worth the pain these kids are going through.


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zelda1 said...

I can only try to imagine the fear of those children being whisked away by the very men who killed their parents. Not only are we destroying a country, but we are justifiably motivating hate through the innocent slaughter of so many. I don't see a mending of that situation for many generations. How can they put the country back together?