Saturday, January 01, 2005

Education Turns Folks Liberal

Here's a report from the trenches -- oh, okay, from a Starbucks -- a Christian listening to two other Christians, one warning the other about getting too much education, because too much education might turn him into a liberal.

And you know what?

It might.

Oddly enough, reading lots of books, learning to think critically, judge sources rationally, and being exposed to cultures other than one's own, as well as being forced to learn to write well, will indeed often lead one to turn liberal.

Wonder why that would be?

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zelda1 said...

My worse-half is a republican. I hate to admit that I married him, but I did, so now the war wages in our household over every little political, social, and economic thing. The other night the subject of vitamins came up, and I say they are not regulated by FDA and are unsafe and it should be against the law to allow them to be sold. It is, after all, a mulit-billion dollar industry. My husband agreed and we listened to the facts from scientists about how they do more harm than good and how the industry doesn't have to adhere to FDA standards and on and on. Well, it did my heart good to say that the liberals, of which I am proud to be, have tried for years to get the decision overturned that put the supplemental pills out of reach of the FDA. At the end of the program a few of the senators and powers to be, who have supported the supplemental industries' rights to do with what they want, were shown to have taken big campaign contributions from these companies and of course they were all Republican. My husband had nothing to say. I said, "see they are not your friends, they are friends of the billionaires who get their billions by not having to adhere to the FDA's guidlines for safety. Further more, they only care about money." By George, I think I might turn him into a liberal yet. It's all about information. Educate them and they see the light and the truth sets them free. Now I believe that is Biblical!