Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Trying not to Panic

Bad enough that the government is selling creationist books in the state parks, but now we're opening a Museum of Creation:

The new multi-million-dollar Museum of Creation, which will open this spring in Kentucky, will, however, be aimed not at film buffs, but at the growing ranks of fundamentalist Christians in the United States.

It aims to promote the view that man was created in his present shape by God, as the Bible states, rather than by a Darwinian process of evolution, as scientists insist.

The centrepiece of the museum is a series of huge model dinosaurs, built by the former head of design at Universal Studios, which are portrayed as existing alongside man, contrary to received scientific opinion that they lived millions of years apart.

Other exhibits include images of Adam and Eve, a model of Noah's Ark and a planetarium demonstrating how God made the Earth in six days.


It's also going to have exhibits supporting the idea that diseases, famines, and disasters are not random events but are caused by our sinful behavior. Particularly, apparently, there's a charming on on AIDS being caused by faggots.

Nothing about whether there will be an exhibit on tsunamis being caused by Jesus to glorify his name. (See below.)

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