Tuesday, January 18, 2005

In case you need another reason?

I mean, besides the arsenic scandal, and the appalling wages they pay their workers, and the fact that Tyson gives all its money to the Rethugs?

Here's why you shouldn't buy Tyson chicken:


Via DEDspace: http://dedspace.blogspot.com/2005/01/time-to-put-pressure-on-ginny-conley.html

(And don't bother giving me yap about all life living at the expense of other life and nature red in tooth and claw and blar blar blar: yes, we need to eat. But there are humane ways to exist and then there are evil ways to exist. What's happening in the Tyson chicken factory is evil. Buddhism talks about Right Living. If you don't engage in Right Living, you can't stay on the Eight-Fold path.

For you Christians out there, what I'm meaning by this is, what you do unto the least of these? You're doing to God.

And of course Jews, well, it's our job to act right. We're here to mend the world. We've got a whole slew of rules about slaughtering animals, including chickens, humanely. Why? Because everything, including chickens, is part of God's world, and ought to be treated like part of God' world. That's why.)

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zelda1 said...

I live in an area rich in Tyson chicken and turkey farms, and the big trucks filled with those pitiful creatures go up and down the highway with dead and dying chickens hanging out of the overcrowded cages and some live ones fall off the truck and because they have never been anywhere but in one place their entire life, I mean one standing place, they don't have any idea about moving around. But it doesn't take them long to learn to peck at the grass and do normal chicken behaviors and it also doesn't take them long to be victims of cars or coyotes, or hungry people looking for a free fried chicken or roasted turkey. One summer my son worked a couple days at a turkey farm and when he told me how the turkeys feet grew around the wire floor of the turkey houses because they don't move around, I made him quit. I can only imagine how they got those turkeys that were held in place loose enough to transport. There has to be a better way to feed the nation. But, that might involve paying more money for larger farms to keep the turkeys and chickens in a cleaner enviornment, one more like their own natural one. It would also require improved ways to kill and butcher and all of that, which would require more money and there is one thing we all know about the haves...they don't like to spend money when they are making money. So, unfortuantely for the turkeys and chickens and the other meat products that we eat, it will always be how to raise, kill, and package at a minimum.