Sunday, January 09, 2005

Teach Your Children Well

Here's a kid's book about weed, It's Just A Plant, in which Jackie wakes up & finds her parents smoking marijuana, and asks what they're doing.

Mama says it's too complicated to explain that late at night, but they'll take a field trip tomorrow and she'll tell Jackie all about it.

Next day she does.

They visit a greenhouse where marijuana is grown for medical purposes, a clinic where the doctors explain what it's used for (and the problems involved in getting proper medical-grade marijuna, due to our whack-job laws), and have other fine dope-related adventures, including finding some guys smoking joints in the park and getting advised to stop that by the nice policemen.

The nice policemen tell Jackie that yes, sadly, smoking dope is against the law. The nice policemen agree with Jackie's mama that this is really too bad, and hope for saner laws in the near future.

I gotta tell you, I find this book highly amusing.

Can't decide whether to order one for the kid yet though.

I'm reminded of when my students asked me, a few years ago, if I smoked dope.

It's in my contract that I'm not allowed to encourage my students to use drugs or alcohol (s0mething that also amuses me highly).

On the other hand, I'm a product of the enlightenment doctrine. I don't lie to students. Ever. Damn it.

So what I said was, "Well, not anymore."

They found this highly amusing.

I was reading a Christian book on child-rearing? It had a section, dealing with what Christian parents who had, ah, shady backgrounds should do when their kids asked them that question? "Daddy, have you ever smoked dope?"

I bet you can guess what the author of that book advised the parents to do.


zelda1 said...

A kid's book about weed. I'll be damned thought I had seen it all but guess not. Now, if I had been the mother I'd just say, this is an herb not quite like sage but an herb just the same. It is illegal and that is why Mommmy should only smoke it when you kids are not around and that is why Mommy should keep it put up in a really secure place. No need to take a kid on a field trip but at the same time keep the dope out of reach of the kids. It's that simple. On the other hand, you can always do what I do, go to the doc and say, I want a pill that makes me feel like I felt in the sixties when getting high was pure and clean. I know, I know, the medical thing with the anitemetic and analgesic effects. But hey for those who have no reason to smoke except to feel good, keep it up and keep it hidden and do it real late on the back porch.

Anonymous said...

Hey Zelda,
I think your really KOOL!