Sunday, December 20, 2015

Here Is Why I Love Academics

This is the sort of thing we get up to:

Rosie the Roach

Friday, December 18, 2015

Latest Favorite Drawing by the Kid

Here's one of the kid's latest drawings: two of the characters from one of her up-coming comics, puzzling out how to do Romance. 

The working title of the comic is Fragile. I already love it.

Books I Am Weary of Reading

This article, by Rebecca Solnit, excellent in itself, reminded me of the ennui, not to say disgust, I've been feeling in bookstores and the local public library lately, taking books off the shelf, reading their flyleaf, reading a few pages of them, and then putting them back with a sigh.

I am reminded of a brief period in the late 1990s, I think it was, though I might have that date wrong, when it seemed like every single book being published was about some young (white) guy's experience in Africa. This was just after the movie Out of Africa hit it big, as I recall.

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Happy Hanukkah 2015!

It's the first night of Hanukkah here at Chez delagar!

We're having the latkes and brisket tomorrow, since that coincides with Dr. Skull's birthday; so tonight we just lit the candles and said the prayer.

 Also the kid opened her first present, a book of drawings by Evan Dahm:

Evan Dahm being one of her favorite artists, her glee was pronounced, not to say earsplitting.

In other news, I have just discovered the sound-track to the musical Hamilton, and have spent the past 35 hours listening to nothing else. (I think I slept briefly.) If you have not, for some reason, yet discovered this amazing work, run do not walk to Spotify or iTunes or whatevs.