Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Poor old Cosgrove

Maua-- Er...I mean Ema over at Well-Timed Period does an excellent and thorough examination of the media's reaction to what happened to the blog attack on Cosgrove, and to just what our limited victory over him means. (Updated b/c apparently I'm having trouble with my reading comprehension these days. Sorry, Ema!)

Go read the whole thing, because it really is excellent; but it ends with this:

Unfortunately, while jumping up and down in celebration, I bumped into the huge elephant in the room and my enthusiasm was dampened. OK, forget stylistic flourishes. Let me be direct. I don't live in Virginia, so all this has been an academic exercise for me. Moreover, because of my profession, I am part of the select few who will not be personally affected by any type of whimsical reproductive legislation, at any level, local or federal [this dichotomy is unjust, yet a reality]. But what about the women who are not in my position? The saga of HB 1677 has made me realize that the lives and health of tens of millions of women are literally at the mercy of legislators of Del. Cosgrove's caliber. This realization is enough to subdue even the most optimistic person.

Which is right.


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ema said...

Maura, who had the original story is at Democracy for Virginia. I'm over at TWTP.