Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Ai and my God

I know I shouldn't be shocked, but I am.

Over here on the Conservative Christian blog, they're arguing that God sent the tsunami to glorify himself.


(You're going to have to scroll down a bit to find the post -- it's lengthy, though, with a chart of all the disasters God has visited upon mankind, meant to prove, as Rush is attempting to prove with his "more people die in traffic every day!" analogies, that this is no biggie.)

Yep. God sent the tsunami, killed all those people -- some of them just infidels, of course, but some of them Christians, and lots of them children and babies, let's not forget -- to glorify his name.

[...T]he purposes of God in trials are different in every circumstance, but the common thread holding them together is Gods original purpose to glorify himself and humiliate humanity, even the proudest among us....

And, from the comments to the posting came this charming comment from someone calling himself or herself Rand:

Sadly, watching the news last night, they interviewed a survivor of the tsanamis,
and while giving her account, she took the Lord's name in vain.
So much for humbling herself before the Almighty.
Man! we're bad...

One guy, Steve, does make the point that God might be glorified in the actions of those helping those in need, but that he doesn't believe there is any glory in the destruction; the rest of the Conservative Christians have, so far, ignored him, however.

Because what would Jesus do, according to these folks?

Well, that's pretty plain, isn't it?

Not feed the hungry.

Not turn the other cheek.

Not tell the sinner to go and sin no more.

Not love his enemy.

Nope. He'd smite that bitch who took his name in vain. He'd slaughter the innocent. He'd send the earthquake and boil the babies alive and blast them all to hell where they could burn for all eternity.

And giggle while he did it.

I am so glad not to be a Conservative Christian this morning.

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