Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Not, mind you, that we can expect brilliance out of Mr. Vox, the gentleman who thinks the fall of Western civilization was caused by women winning the right to vote, but this little foray into world politics is stunning it its inability to grasp the point.

He starts with a reference to a Jewish leader having objected to an Archbishop having compared abortion to the Holocaust (because abortion, as we all know, is just like genocide) -- then Mr. Vox demands that Jews just get over themselves.


I mean, so what if some Jews got killed in the Holocaust? Big deal! Stop whining! Lots of people suffer genocide! Lots of people get persecuted! It's not just Jews! All the time whining and holding out the Holocaust like it's some big deal. Mr. Vox is just sick of hearing about it, do you understand?

And he finishes with this charming comment:

I'd never understood how the medieval kings found it so easy to get the common people to hate the Jews in their midst. But if those medieval Jewish leaders were anything like the idiots running the ADL, the ACLU and the Council of Jews, one can see where the idea of persecuting them would have held some appeal.

This is not the worst bit, though. The worst bit? The 48 (so far) comments on his little essay, which are equally ignorant and hateful.

I love Christian Conservatives. I do, I do, I do.

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