Thursday, January 27, 2005

300 Billion dollars, How Many Dead?

And Bush is on an endorphin rush?

So says his cheerleading squad, anyway, which, as James Wolcott notes, is just a bit disturbing.

(Via Atrios

This guy, our President, deals with bad news by pretending it doesn't happen -- well, that's one problem. He constructs his own reality -- which is fine, when you're a rich man's son messing around with a baseball team, and probably not so fine when you're running a world power, but okay -- but his attitude toward death is seriously messed up.

It's like he doesn't actually understand that when people die, they're really dead.

The famous incident where he mocked the woman on death row, imitating her voice as she begged for her life.

The way he's treating the death of our soldiers in Iraq as though they're not happening, as though they're just political noise or something.

The way he thinks bombing Iraqi women and children to pieces is just no bid deal -- it's like all of this is just some distant game to him.

Like death isn't real to him.

Or maybe other people aren't.

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zelda1 said...

Let's not forget that while he was governor of Texas, he cleaned death row out and not by giving them life in prison but by giving them their due, and he believes that, if you murder you should be murdered. I wonder if he feels the same about rape, if a man rapes then he should be raped? Anyway that is beside the point, the point is that does he know or care that when people die they are gone forever. The other's, the innocents in Iraq, do they matter to him? I don't think so, I don't think he cares at all about what is being done in that country. I believe him to be a spoiled little rich boy with big ears who looks like a monkey and was teased by other rich boys about his ears so that when he was going through those crucial years of developement when compasion was suppose to occur, it didn't, instead, all he heard was monkey face monkey face and therefore, he lost his ability to care for anyone other than the little monkey face that looked back in the mirror. For him to immitate that woman pleading for her life was, perhaps, the crueliest thing anyone could have done. I am not saying that people who murder are innocent, but he was a man in power, supposedly educated, with compasion and even if he didn't give her life over death did he have to mock her. I believe he laughs at that to this day. Just like he probably laughs at a lot of things that are not funny. The little comic thing he did imitating searching for weapons of mass destruction was proof that he is a total sociopath and he is running and ruining our country. His father must be so proud of him.