Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Grades are IN!

Once I have gone to commencement (tomorrow) I will be done done done until January 5, when I have to return to school (;-<) for some charming sessions on how to be a good teacher. You would think I would know by now, yes.

But! Between now and then! Days and days in which I do nothing but read and write and learn Aikido! And pet the cat!

And Hanukkah! I have actually managed to remember to buy all the kid's Hanukkah presents on time this year. I know, it's amazing. I can't think how I did it.

I have a new idea for a SF story. About a revolutionary virus. No, seriously.

My kid: "Why are all your stories about the revolution?"

Me: "Shut up, that's why."

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tidings of Great Joy!

My craptop caught a virus and I did too!

Plus it's finals week here. So as you can imagine it has been much wailing and gnashing around the delagar household. However! Dr. Skull was able to extract my data from the craptop before I surrendered it to our tech support guys (who did, by the way, fix it -- killed the virus, mended the craptop yet again) and while the craptop was in the shop let me use his MacBook -- which I used to finish a draft of Triple Junction. Yay me!

Now it is winter here and I am still sick as shit, though the computer is mended. I am grading papers and drinking NyQuil. The cat is sleeping on my feet. The Hanukkah lights (yes, I am serious -- we found some at the Harps, they are multicolored Stars of David) are shining in the window. I am sipping ginger ale and soon it will be winter break. If I felt better I would be utterly content.