Sunday, January 02, 2005

Morning in the Bushverse

DED space ( has a posting that chronicles some of the more appalling things that have been happening to women in this country lately -- go on over there and look.

And, of course, we're getting hardly an eye-blink out of anyone over any of this.

Here's a little thought-exercise I'd like all y'all who think what's happening to these women is no big deal to try: substitute, for woman, your own favorite group (say, for instance, Christian, or Republican, or white male) and ask yourself how you would feel if some member of that group were being deprived of his rights in this way.

Say a Christian were being forced to wear something he objected to (perhaps a cute little pair of hot pants?) in order to keep his job of 20 years.

Would it matter then?

Say a white male were being forced to stay married to a woman who beat him up and abused him in other ways, because a judge said the kid he had came first -- even though it wasn't her kid, and she didn't want it -- would that matter?

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