Sunday, January 09, 2005


This is funny -- apparently eagles don't like Pekes either.

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zelda1 said...

My younger sister, who is annoying, has an annoying little dog that barks and barks all the time. One night, she let it out to go potty and it, too, was picked up by an eagle. She heard it yelp and saw it being carried off. However, the eagle must have not liked the dog's yelping because he dropped it from quite high in the sky and fortunately for the dog it landed in the cow's watering trough. (they are dairy people) Anyway, my sister took her annoying dog to the vet. Its lung was punctured and a big chunk of its liver was torn but they were able to fix him up. Now the dog is afraid of shadows, pretty much like the chickens are. That entire Jung and the shadow thing works with dogs who have been abducted via an eagle or hawk and flown through the air and live to yelp another day. My point, there isn't one. Just wanted to share.