Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Not a Joke, Unfortunately

Here's a joke being told by the Republicans at one of the Inaugural Balls:

[Rich] Little said he missed and adored the late President Ronald Reagan and "I wish he was here tonight, but as a matter of fact he is," and he proceeded to impersonate Reagan, saying, "You know, somebody asked me, 'Do you think the war on poverty is over?' I said, 'Yes, the poor lost.'"

The crowd went wild.

Isn't that just a hoot?

Those compassionate conservatives.

Next time some Rush Limbaugh wannabe tells you that government programs to aid the poor actually hurt the poor, and so conservatives who want to cut these programs are actually really truly more compassionate than the evil liberals who want to enslave the poor by making them dependant on government charity?

You just remember that joke.

(From David Corn's blog: http://www.davidcorn.com/2005/01/how_newt_left_w.php)

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