Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Well OKAY Then

I'm sure our troops in Iraq will be relieved hear this:

The dangers faced by American troops in Iraq have been exaggerated, adding to the difficulty of recruiting soldiers at home, the Army general in charge of National Guard forces said Tuesday.

The casualty rate for Guardsmen is low compared with any previous armed conflict, said Lt. Gen. Steven Blum.

He said he recognizes that every death is a tragedy for that person's family. "But I lose, unfortunately, more people through private automobile accidents and motorcycle accidents over the same period of time," he added.

"It is dangerous, but it is I shouldn't say it to this group but I'm going to [say] it is misrepresented, how dangerous it really is," Blum said during a breakfast with defense reporters.

So just shut up your whining, you vets. You'd be in a hell of a lot more danger if you'd stayed home, hear?

(Now what was Prager saying about who holding the troops in contempt again? Cause you know, I just keep losing track.)

(Thanks to Zelda for the link!)

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