Saturday, July 09, 2005


This is true:

Where there is passion, there are t-shirts. Creating Passionate Users §

From one of my favorite sites:

Here's some of my other favorite sites:

I'd blogroll all of these, but -- time for a confession -- I'm so ignorant I don't know how to do a blogroll.

How's that for sad?


Unknown said...

I'm thrilled to be among the favorites--in such good company, too. Blogrolling is easy. Just go to, set up an account, then add the little javascript thingy (cut and paste) to your template. Voila--blogroll.

delagar said...

See, now you are assuming I know what "javascript" and "template" means.

But I think I know someone who might. might be the bit I've been missing...

zelda1 said...

I think I can do that too. I am going to set up a blogroll thingy on my blog tomorrow. How cool. I have a friend who needs it done and I might can help her Monday night!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out!