Monday, July 25, 2005

More on Zach

Over there on World Magazine Blog, they’ve discovered Zach – because the NYTimes did a story on him, it looks like. Anyway, of course the good Christians know exactly what the right answers is! Zach is a whiny teen who needs a good session at that boot camp to straighten him out (pun intended!) and we should just ignore his rebellious nonsense.

As Christian ministries to homosexuals achieve greater prominence (see WORLD, July 30), gay activists and their press allies are stepping up their criticism. The New York Times is using the story of a blogging gay teenager known only as "Zach" to question the legitimacy of Love in Action International, a Christian ministry designed to prevent or remediate homosexual behavior. When Zach told his parents he was gay, they enrolled him in Refuge, the Love in Action youth program based in Memphis. "It's like boot camp," Zach wrote in his web journal before entering program. "If I do come out straight, I'll be so mentally unstable and depressed it won't matter."

The comments are probably the best part of the post. Some gay Christians try to explain things to the righteous Christians, to very little avail. (The Christians who read World Magazine already know everything, as I’m reckoning you can guess.)

Here’s some sample comments:

* if a human has XY they will like girls, if the human has XX, they will like boys. It is hard-wired into every cell in the body. I -always- liked girls, it just wasn't socially aceptable among the other boys until high school.

* have you ever heard what the Creator has said about homosexuality? That it is a sinful choice? That that choice is only manifested in those who have repeatedly rejected the conviction of sin by the Holy Spirit and refused to have gratitude towards God?
Let's see, believe the criminal's excuse, or believe the all-knowing, all-present, all-wise, eternal Creator. Hmmm. Not a real tought (sic) choice.

*have a cousin who chose to be lesbian because her sister was and it was a show of support, not to mention "cool" in their circle

*Most homosexuals that I have known- and that is quite a few- had no relationship with their father. Furthermore, most had been molested as children.Rampant abuse, fatherless homes, and a very sexual society is leading to lots of sex in various forms, but no intimacy. Hey, didn't I read last week about a guy dying after he had sex with a horse? Why would he choose that?

*If all it takes to stop people from hating you is to choose not to be gay, then why wouldn't you?"
Because it's addictive. There are many people who know that their alcoholism is wrong, want to, and even try to stop, and they can't. That does not deviate from the fact that their alcoholism was a result of choices they made. A lot of homosexuals want out. They can. But it's hard. It's always easier to jump into the pit, than to crawl out.

There are plenty more! Even more charming! And some sane ones, too. Go have fun.


Ol Cranky said...

if a human has XY they will like girls, if the human has XX, they will like boys. It is hard-wired into every cell in the body. I -always- liked girls, it just wasn't socially aceptable among the other boys until high school.

so does this make Jamie Lee Curtis (who reportedly is XY but externally female due to tesicular feminization) homosexual (or her husband Christopher Guest gay as well)? Oh I forgot, they're Christian - science doesn't apply to them.

Ol Cranky said...

OK, I know I already commented, but I have to point this out from the article:

"Mr. Chambers' wife beamed while introducing the couple's two adopted children: a bouncing 5-month-old son and a sleeping 11-day-old daughter decked out in pink."

Now they may have had fertility issues that weren't related to not having sex with each other but. . .

zelda1 said...

I just finished tutoring a young girl who has been under the control of her parents her entire life. Right wing-fundies who think everyone is wrong. She, the student, wants to abstain from shaving her legs, guess what Mom says? YOu got it, it ain't natural to not shave, men won't like you. Hmmm. That sounds weird. However, the girl has a good friend who is gay and her pastor tells her it is okay to like the boy but not his sin. He tells her the boy will burn in hell, if he doesn't change his ways. He tells her that being gay is a choice and it is one of those 'kinky' choices. This poor girl is so confused. But I would not let her be confused. I said being gay isn't a sin and by all means let the hair grow on your legs. Why bother, men don't. What's a sin is the control her mother has over her. She doesn't even get to decide what kind of hair style she wants. Her mother decides. I feel sorry for our youth. They have no rationale grown ups left to give them reasonable answers. Shame on those who are scarrying this kid into thinking her best friend is going to burn in hell.