Monday, July 11, 2005

Not For the Weak Bellied

This obsession Fundavangelicals have with submission, frankly, makes me queasy.

Where they get off thinking God wants submission -- when that's obviously a creation of their own sick dominance issues -- is one of my questions.

(In Jewish tradition -- at least the Jewish tradition I favor -- I realize Dennis Prager and his conservative ilk are pushing a different meme -- God created man to fight back: we were put here to argue with him, not submit to him. In Jewish tradition, that, among other things, is the lesson of Sodom. Not kill the gays, as the Fundavangelicals like to read it, but argue with God when he's about to do something you think is wrong.)

Why they must attempt to impose it on our society -- you know, the one that has as its central tenet the bit about all of us being created equal? So why would some of us need to be submitting to others of us? Huh? -- is the other.

Anyway: here's a sickening essay from Dobson's folk: all about how it's really not true submission if you verbally or physically force your wife to submit to you. No, you should psych the bitch into submitting to you. Drag her to church and pray over her ass. Tell her Jesus wants her on her knees. That's the right way to do it.

By golly.

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zelda1 said...

Yep, that entire submission thing fills the churches. I remember those sermons and husbands poking their wives and their wives sheepisly smiling and then the altar call and all the women marching up and tried to get god to give them the strength to submit to their asshole husbands, who, by the way, had about enough gray matter to strike a match. Yep, it was truly sad. I never marched to the altar, I rolled my eyes, I stomped my feet, I told the women it sucked that the preacher was trying to impose up on us this archaic idea that women should be property, be owned, be told what to do and in the most cases still work and do all the other things necessary to keep the household afloat and be submissive. Nope, ain't gonna happen, not in this household. We are partners and if he tries to pull that submissive bullshit on me, we get a fight that, well, only I can win.