Saturday, July 16, 2005

Oh, yes. Clinton.

This would be appalling if it weren't so obviously desperate clutching at straws:

ABC News' Ann Compton has been covering the White House longer than just about any of the Press Corpse stenos in the pool (other than maybe Helen Thomas and a handful of other reporters). She's seen plenty of scandals and Presidential Press Secretaries roasting on the barby.

This morning on NPR, Compton opined that blowjobs still trump treason:
Renee Montagne: Do any of these grillings that you’ve covered over three decades in the White House stand out to you?

Ann Compton: The most difficult moments are when we’re dealing not with policy, but with human failings, and I think the darkest months that I covered at the White House was at the beginning of the second term of Bill Clinton. President Clinton was accused of engaging in...“behavior”...with an intern, and how offensive many people found it, and the fact that it later turned out the president lied to the country, and lied to federal prosecutors, made that the darkest and most unhappy time I’ve ever covered here.

(Note - my transcription - word for word and I tried to capture the pauses and inflection. Link is to NPR page with audio file of the interview.)

(Via Atrios:

Right. Lying about his sexual misconduct -- even under oath -- that is worse than committing treason. Which is what Rove did. Committed treason. You know -- you remember -- that crime Coulter keeps claiming liberals are guilty of? Because we secretly in our most secret hearts want America to lose (and she knows this with her secret mind reading properties)?

Rove actually committed that crime.

So what's this woman talking about?

Well, what Republicans always start talking about when they get desperate: Clinton, of course.

Can I get a break over here on aisle 12?


Ol Cranky said...

never mind the fact he should not have been asked if he'd had a sexual relationship with Lewinsky (as she had not leveled a charge of sexual harassment against him).

the reason that was a dark period is b/c it was a time in which we forgot what was important and focused on the sexual activities of others. now we have an administration that puts the republican party ahead of national security and causes american citizens (and other innocent civilians) to die unneccessarily - but that's OK, W's not getting blown.

zelda1 said...

Okay, I have always said that one of the things that the right does when they have done something bad is point their finger. It happens to the far right in politics and in religion. All one has to do, if they can stomach it, is look at Bush. He is such a poor excuse for higher life forms. I don't think I can stand much more of this crap.