Sunday, July 10, 2005

American Fries Indeed

Indiana again.

What's up with this state?

Y'all are giving us Arkies a run for our money.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Someone tried to set fire to a mosque early Saturday and the FBI was investigating it as a hate crime, officials said.

No one was inside the Islamic Center of Bloomington when the fire occurred at about 2 a.m. and damage was confined to the kitchen area, said Nathan Ainslie, president of the Islamic Center.

A burned Quran was found outside, he said.


Unknown said...

What's up is just up the road from Bloomington is a nice little Klan enclave. A grand wizard supposedly lives there. Not long after I left Bloomington, someone, a right-wing Christian nutjob shot a Chinese guy. Bloomington is an oasis, but it's surrounded by rural scariness.

zelda1 said...

Some of those idiots misunderstand the freedom of speech doesn't include setting fires or killing. They think, well acutally the problem is they don't think, they are incapable of thinking, they are one step higher than an ameoba and their brian cell, repeat brain cell isn't able to produce rational thought, so their ability to think about and do a close reading of freedom of speech is interrupted by that little bitty brain cell. It sucks. I hate that we still, in America, have hate crimes. What is wrong with these idiots.