Sunday, July 10, 2005


All right. Too much. I've overloaded.

From Pharyngula:

A couple driving along are pulled over for no apparent reason (the driver is subsequently found to have an invalid license). The couple are asked questions about their bumper stickers, which, as it turns out, are probably the actual reason they were stopped—they are bumper stickers promoting paganism. The police stop turns into an attempt to convert them to Christianity.

(Via P.Z.:


Diane said...

I wonder how much of this sort of thing goes on and never makes it to the news because people are afraid to say anything. The presumptions that Christians have amaze me. Even some of the non-fundamentalist types seem shocked to discover that other people, especially people they like, are not Christian.

zelda1 said...

That sucks. When I lived in California, I was stopped because my bumper sticker, put on by a previous owner, said, "WWJD? Who gives a fuck!" Well, I bought the car, didn't really know wwjd meant and tried to remove it because of the "gives a fuck" with me having two children who could read. The cop was real nice but asked me what I had against Jesus. I said, nothing, never met the man. He wanted to introduce me to him. I declined, got a warning and then I drove off. Now, the stupid bitch who sat next to me in my rhetoric class, wrote all this crap, I mean all kinds of shit about nothing. Her writing was horrible and I was stuck critiquing it, pointing out her mistakes, trying to improve her skills. She, on the other hand, offered me nothing on my papers. Her last paper was about how to get redemption through Jesus Christ Our Lord. I told her it sucked and she better come up with something better, something that might be interesting enough to publish, she changed the topic but at the end of her story about being abused, she put a little extra about her life being so much improved since inviting J.C. into her life. Hmmmm they are everywhere, not just in church on sunday morning but you know what, it's hard to tell them apart from the rest of us sinners because they only show their colors on sunday mornings.