Monday, July 11, 2005

More on Meth


Docecahedron gives me more reason to hate the war on drugs:

Bushco's War is cutting money that was used to deal with meth, and instead? Going after crack.

So what is the Bush administration's response? Deny there's a problem and cut funding for prevention, treatment of addicts, and enforcement of existing laws.The cuts were justified by Administration officials as a reflection of their effectiveness.

Horton, who works for Burns, defended the administration's proposal to cut $804 million from local drug enforcement grants in the 2006 federal budget, saying the programs the grants support have failed to prove their effectiveness. "The administration has to make sure the money goes where it can be more effective, that it is performing," he said.

Fair enough. I guess that philosophy explains this wise use of resources.

"Baird said the administration continues to pump billions of dollars into eradication of coca plants in South America while efforts to control international trade in the precursor drugs used to manufacture methamphetamine get short shrift."

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zelda1 said...

In the mean time, meth is destroying lives...not one life, but lives. By the way, in this state, the land of opportunity, if you get busted for meth., first time offense, the forced treatment is AA meetings. AA. AA. Can I say it again. AA for meth. That's like a bandaid for--let me see--open heart surgery. Now, suppose the meth. user is responsible, not, and suppose they have insurance, have you ever seen a meth user, they could get treatment on their own, again not going to happen. First if they have insurance, which is a big stretch, they are certainly not going to go into treatment. They are going to be using that insurance for their benefit for things like legal meth. You know, diet pills. Yep, doctors still hand that crap out by the handfuls. In the mean time, the meth addict is not getting treatment, the family is still in this crazy, endless nightmare, and the government, well they have bigger fish to fry than the family, which by the way is so contrary to what the government and the fundelmentalists preach.