Thursday, July 21, 2005


Anyone know cars?

The piece of junk I drive quit running a few weeks ago.

Had it towed. The repair shop said it was a dead battery, said it was due to someone (hhmm) leaving the lights on. Said they had recharged the battery, I'd be fine.

So I've been driving it a few weeks, and it starts acting weird again -- trying to die on the interstate, and the windshield wipers not working when I turn the headlights on, and such like that.

Now it's dead out there in the damn parking lot again.

The woman at AAA says this is a bad battery. Not an alternator. That if I just replace the battery, everything be fine.

Anyone know whether she's right?

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zelda1 said...

I am betting on the alternator. My alternator went out on my car and it was a slow process of the battery dying, the lights not working or being very dim, the thing trying to die. It was awful. I put a new battery in and it just kept on being a shitty mess. Then a mechanic put me a new alternator in and it made it all right again. Mechanics are those people we over look in the grand scheme of things, that is until our cars messes up, then they are our most welcomed tradesman.