Friday, July 08, 2005


Here's my depressing post of the day.

I was over there at the World Magazine Blog,

where I go to see what our Far-Right Christian Friends are thinking (Red State.Org

is the other place I hang, also Conservative Christian

but he's been less interesting lately, saying the same yap over and over, dee-ee-eeply insightful postings about how men should rule and women should be sweet and liberals can't get anything right because they don't believe in shooting the bad guys in the head, no, they believe in reading a bunch of books and thinking about stuff -- which how stupid is that, for God's sake? I mean, actually trying to figure out the right answer? Instead of just blowing the fuck out of what is OBVIOUSLY the bad guy? Which is OBVIOUSLY anyone who isn't a nice Christian who believes exactly what our nice Conservative Christian Boy believes? I mean, how hard can this be to figure out? How many books do we really need to read to understand this? (I'll give you a hint: Just one and it does not start with the initial Plato. Or Sartre. Or Freud. Or -- Well, you get the picture, I bet. ) Psssh! Silly rabbit! Frankly, the Conservative Christian is gettig tedious, and I've about stopped dropping by.

Where was I?


World Magazine Blog posts on Eeeevolution.

The comments are the post depressing bit.

Go read P.Z. when you're done to get the taste out of your mouth:

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