Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Polar Bear

A beautiful post from the Polar Bear.

Here's an excerpt:

A is pretty healthy, and comes from one of the more dire home environments. She’s pudgy and has skin so black it’s blueish. Her smile is stunning. After a dinner of ribs, which she devoured in high style, she led me to the dance floor. I twirled her around and around. The light came in from the high windows at just the right angle, with dappled splashes of hope and light hitting her face just so. Her brilliant smile and merry eyes flashed in the spotted light as we spun and spun.

“I think I like dancing best of all,” she said.

Earlier it was swimming. The next day it would be boating.

Oh for all of us to live forever in contentment lit by splashes of sun


I love that bear.

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