Sunday, July 24, 2005

Death of Whales

Coulter and others on the right think the earth is ours, to take and to rape.

That sort of mind can't grasp why this matters --

why it makes a difference that there are only a small number of these whales left.

or why we should care that we're ripping a hole in part of the ecosystem.

The world is a web, though. It's part of a whole. Destroy part, we risk destroying it all.

I know that's something lots of humans don't believe -- they think they're separate and apart from the rest of the world, created special, or different; that they have some sort of special deal and aren't going to have to suffer the consequence of an ecosystem crash. I wish I didn't have to live on the same planet, in the same ecosystem, with folks like that. Then I could just be amused by that sort of willfulness, that magical thinking, instead of terrified by it.

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