Friday, July 01, 2005

And Worse

Teaching today -- we're doing Le Guin The Dispossessed, which she wrote sometime in the early 70's, I'm reckoning -- anyway, I say, "Okay, what's happening in the U.S. at this point? Let's hop in the Way-Back machine, as Calvin would say --"

One of my students interrupts: "Who is this Calvin you keep talking about?"

"Yeah," says another. "Yout keep bringing up examples from Calvin and Hobbes. Who is that?"

**** **** ****

**** ****


I just don't know, folks.

Western Civilization?

Crashed and Burned?

You make the call.


Ma Tiny said...

nah. the kids who you're teaching are probably young enough that calvin and hobbes (the comic strip)were more present in their lives than calvin and hobbes (the philosophers).

i couldn't tell you a thing calvin or hobbes, the philospher or comic strip, had to say. but i have possibly the worst memory of anyone i know.

hopefully you introduced them to the concept of the eponymous philosophers, so next time they can at least not look silly.

delagar said...

No, no. It was Calvin & Hobbes the *comic* strip they had never heard of.

They have never heard of the philosopher, either, mind you. But that is not a shock.

Unknown said...

Oh, my kids are being raised on Calvin and Hobbes. Geeky Boy just bought another of the books yesterday, which he read in about an hour. He loves them. I have almost all the books; he's filling in the ones that have become tattered or lost. I'm sure Geeky Girl will pick them up when she's a better reader.