Saturday, April 30, 2005

Teh Gay

Heh. Amanda over at Pandagon blogs about the Bama legislator who made the mistake of reading a book one time...probly one his kid brought home from school...and it had gay guys in it!

So then he went out and got him another book, and what do you know? More gay guys! And he went and got another book, and...yes! More Gay!

In book after book, Allen reads what he calls the "homosexual agenda,"

Including, and I know this is gone to shock a lot of you, some of the plays by that Shakespeare fella.

So Rep. Gerald Allen wrote him a bill to ban any books in Bama that might, well, you know, have to do with The Gay.

Specifically he wants to ban books by gay writers and books having gay characters from schools and public libraries. He looks at this as ameasure to protect "the hearts and souls and minds of our children."

[On a side note: You can tell, just by thinking about that bill a moment, how many books this fella has read in his life -- how familiar he is with the world of books, I mean.

For instance: Who does he figure is going to winnow through every book in the public library, hunting out gay characters? Will he hire readers to read every book in the Books In Print and thereafter issue, as does the Vatican, say, a List of Banned Books in Bama -- this book is Not ALL Right because it has a minor character (page 37, waiter) who is gay; this book in Not All Right because it has a same-sex couple (chapters eleven to fifteen, inclusive); this book is Not All Right because from 1981 to 1997 the author was engaged in a bisexual relationship (see People Magzine Issue XXX) --

How's Bama going to pay for this army of readers? How's it going to pay for the appeal from the guy who's going to claim that the People article was a big fat lie? How's it going to pay for the lawsuits when the guy claims his career has been damaged by his book being banned?]

More importantly, as Amanda points out, look what this guy's going to have to ban if he goes down this road: Shakespeare (though he says no, no, he won't ban Shakespeare! Heavens, no!), Moby Dick, Oscar Wilde, Forster, Sappho, Plato, for God's sake, he's going to have to ban Plato, half our modern poets and dramatists, who does he think will be left to read?

Oh. Wait. Tim LeHaye, of course.

It all becomes clear.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with the portion saying that homosexuality shouldn't be permissible for
public schools, just as much as i don't believe that they should allow gay twinks in
public schools read about sexual encounters all together. I mean we go our whole life
going through public schools and hearing them preach about sex should wait, and yet
they still throw in the whole sex awareness, but then to throw in, "lets read about this really juicy sex story",
is it just me or does not make sense?