Monday, April 25, 2005

Missing the Point

Yet again.

Mr. Capitalist Lion crows in triumph that Our Health Care System is the Bestest! Honest it is! Cause look! Canucks is coming to use it cause their lines is so-o-o-o long!

And see? That proves that (insert rude name here) Clinton is wrong, as are all the other Leftists: we don't either need any medical reform. Nothing wrong with our health care system! If Canadians (any Canadians!) are abandoning theirs to use ours, then ours must (obviously!) be better than theirs!

Mr. Capitalist Lion has, of course, missed the point. Anyone who has lots and lots of money can indeed get decent health care in this country, so long as they don't run out of their money.

It's the other 90% of us, Mr. Capitalist Lion, that we need to worry about.

And your citing of Middle Class Canadians also taking this option, sir? So what? The reason they have homes to mortgage, sir, I submit to you, is that they haven't gone bankrupt paying a quarter to a half of their salary (or more!) in medical insurance, medical co-pays, and medical bills.

Nothing wrong with our health care system? My ass.

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