Thursday, April 28, 2005

Passover Food

Oh, God, I'm so jealous.

Czeltic Girl apparently not only lives where she can just walk into stores and buy Passover stuff*, she lives somewhere where Coke machines are stocked with Passover Coke.


We have to get out of Arkansas.

*I so miss passover stuff. Cookies of affliction. The little mashmallow candies. Chocolate-covered matzoh that you don't make yourself. Jelly slices! I loved the KFP jelly slices! Christ, here in Fort Smith, you can't even get KFP Matzoh, much less all the cool stuff that goes with.

It's like that joke about writers? "In England, one can make a living as a writer; in America, one is allowed to be a writer; in Australia, one has to explain what a writer is."

Well, in the East, one can get all the cool stuff one wants for Passover, including, apparently, Passover Coke; in North Carolina, where we used to live, one could, if one worked ahead and went to the stores in the rich neighborhoods, get the minimum stuff one needed for Passover; in Fort Smith, Arkansas, one has to explain what Passover is.

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