Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Heaven -- or HELL?

Passing through that Red State, we kept seeing these giant billboards looming over cities, billboards that looked just like street signs, same fonts and all, same green background: all they said was JESUS.

No idea what that's about. This is JESUS town, maybe?

Anyway, here's a nice binary tract for you, with some nice subtle hate in it. Check out the guys in the panel about the religion that rejects JESUS: bit anti-Semitic, hmm, Jack?


But don't worry, he has plenty of hate for other religions later on. (Keep going, to the end of the comix!) Not his fault, though. He's supposed to hate the rest of us! JESUS told him to! Cause we're all going to HELL, after all, and if he doesn't tell us we're evil, well, how would we know?

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