Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Limbaugh (The Other One)

And here's Dave's new column on Townhall


And his claim is almost as big a wet dream as Prager's is.

His claim is that no, really -- speech has no connection to action.

Rush and Ann Coulter and the rest of their pack can egg their pack of Red State jackals on all day long every day.

Ann can say the only way to talk to a liberal is with a baseball bat.

DeLay can insinuate that judges ought to die.

Preachers can preach from the pulpit that feminists are evil, that liberals are traitors, that Muslims worship Satan, that atheists are demons and hate America --

None of this actually means anything, according to Limbaugh!

Speech is meaningless! It has no connection at all to reality!

When a kid wears a teeshirt that says "God Made Adam and Eve Not Adam and Steve" to school on Gay Awareness day, that says absolutely nothing about whether that kid is going to pound the living shit out of gay kids in the parking lot later. NOTHING!

And when Timothy McVeigh blew up the Federal Building in Oklahoma City building, he wasn't wearing a teeshirt that read "Sic semper tyrannis."

In other words, this column is as big a jerk-off as that book of his is, the one that claims that no, really, Christians really are being persecuted all over America! Honest!


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Anonymous said...

And yet, if Davy were to read this entry of yours, no doubt he would be screeching about how all the terrible leftists are saying nasty things about him and therefore they shouldn't be allowed to live in this country . . .