Monday, April 25, 2005

Been in Arkansas Too Long?

You decide.

The kid's "sound" for the week (this is a kindergarten thing) is -tch.

So we're sitting at the breakfast table and I'm naming things that have the -tch sound in them.

"Matches," I say. "You could take a match. Well, maybe not. Matches at school. Not a good plan. What about a witch?"

She shakes her head. "Kate might get mad." Kate's the fundmentalist, her best friend.

"Ditch," I say. "Stitch. I don't know how you'd take a stitch to school, though." I think of bitch, of course, because she has lots of little toy dogs, but we had enough trouble when she took the ziggurat for Z.

She brightens. "I know!" She runs to get the little rabbit boy from her dollhouse. He wears yellow shorts.

"Rabbit doesn't have -tch," I point out.

"No!" She is annoyed at my slowness. She points at the shorts. "Britches!"

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