Thursday, April 21, 2005

Coulter? Lies like a Rug?

Who would have guessed?

Cloud, the fella who wrote the love poem to Ann Coulter in Time, has been a snifty and up in arms because so many on the left have been blasting him, mainly over his silly line in which he claims that Coulter's work is "mostly accurate," a claim that caused those of us who were at all familiar with Coulter's work to spit soup across the room.

So anyway, a number of bloggers protested, pointing Cloud to all the many, many sites he might have gone to look at, had he bothered to do one bit of research, which would have shown him that Coulter's work was not only not accurate, it was filled with not just errors, but big fat deliberate lies.

Cloud fired back in an interview in which, among other things, he claims that leftists ae just being touchy, ad how like them, and they're all just doing the same thing Ann is anyway, so wah wah wah:

Eric Alterman, among others, responds, in a brilliantly put together rebuttal, which demonstrates that, no, leftists are not, no Ann Coulter is, in fact, wrong; and that, yes, Cloud and Time were wrong to publish the piece they did on her-- that is, one which claimed that what she says is "mostly accurate," given that the things she goes around saying are, in fact, vicious hate speech:

My favorite bit:

We can debate the meaning of the word “lie” and whether it can apply to a false description. As the author of a doctoral dissertation and a 450 or so page book containing over 1400 footnotes spread over 91 pages on the topic of presidential lies, and a member of the Usage Panel of the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, I like to think my vote should carry some weight when I say “yes.” But I admit the point is arguable. What is not arguable is that Ann Coulter’s work cannot be fairly described as “mostly accurate” by anyone with a modicum of respect for rules of evidence or the simple meaning of words. Again, I refer you to the countless examples listed above, not merely in What Liberal Media, but in Tapped, Media Matters, Spinsanity, Salon and many, many others.

But the whole thing is worth reading.

Go read:

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