Friday, April 15, 2005

Our Charming Friends on the Right

Apparantly there's some bill in Illinois that been put up to make it a criminal offense for an ultasound to be administered without a doctor's order -- I'm guessing because Pro-Life Whacks were administering the things in their "clinics" in an effort to prove to women that "See? it is too a baby in there! Look! See? Toes! Cute little fingers? How can you MURDER something with cute little FINGERS?" -- and because, of course, ultrasounds are, in fact, though some on the Right may not recognize this, actual medical procedures -- and, thus, should only be done by actual medical professionals. That's why we have actual medical training for the procedure and actual licensing procedures and so forth.

But what is the GOP Bloggers response to this?

Well, obviously the only reason the liberals could want to stop the ultrasounds is so that there can be more abortions.

To quote mr. GOP Blogger: "[O]ne thing we know about abortion advocates is that the worst thing, in their mind, is for an abortion not to happen."

Yep. Because that's what being pro-choice is all about. Wanting abortions to happen.


Okay. One time. Very slowly.

Look up Pro-Choice sometime, buddy, would you? We want women to have a choice. We want women to be able to choose whether they will breed or not. (And no, this does not, as some of your charming commentors seem to think, mean that we want women to choose whether or not they will have sex: sorry, no, it doesn't. That you think it does just indicates your advanced stupidity.) Women get to choose whether they will have one child, or two children, or six children, or ten, or none. They chose that. Not me. Not you. Not some twit in Washington, DC or some twit with an ultasound machine or anyone else. The woman whose womb it is decides that.

Why does she get to decide?

Cause it is her womb. Her body. Her blood that will create the child.

How hard is this to understand?


zelda1 said...

One of my older sisters has five children, well they are all grown, but, nonetheless, they were at one time babies. Babies that were almost a year apart, which means that while she had an infant every nine or ten months, she had a toddler still not potty trained, still not weaned, and before he was good and able to take a little bit of care of himself, out popped another child and I swear at one time, she had three in diapers. The reason she had so many was not her love of children, but because her big fat fundamentalist republican thinking husband refused to let her take birthcontrol, refused to let her get her tubes tied, refused to let her do anything with her own body. She wanted to have miscarriages and prayed for miscarriages and wanted to have abortions but in Arkansas they were not legal and if they had been guess what? You got it, her big fat fundalmentalist husband would not have allowed it. Her children grew up all fucked up with major alcohol and drug problems and one of her sons married a crank whore and she became pregant while doing crank and did crank all during her pregnancy and while my sister had about a year or two of freedom, she is now raising her grandchild because they refused to allow the doctor to abort this baby. A baby who had toxic levels of crank in its system from conception until birth. All those bible thumping fundies who say no abortions, well, they are not at my sister's house helping her raise this developmentally delayed, hyperactive, learning diasbled little girl. Is it wrong to get abortions? I look at my sister and think that no, they are not wrong and if a woman chooses to abort her fetus or her embryo, then it's her decision and not the governments or some right wing nut.

Anonymous said...

I think if a woman is raped and becomes pregnant it should be her choice to have the baby or an abortion, but if she becomes pregnant just because of no birth control that's her problem. I had my first child @ 18. Believe me the thought of abortion crossed my mind, but that innocent baby didn't ask to be made. It was my fault, so I took responsability for my own actions and now my daughter is almost eleven. I thank God for her every day. If you don't want to have children, then don't forget to use birth control. Other wise stop whinning and face up to the things that you do!! My opinon, abortion just to abort is MURDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!