Tuesday, April 05, 2005

From dr. b's site

So don't blame me -- but this is too funny:

Mr. B.: I have to run and go pick up pseudonymous kid at school.
Me: Ok, cool, see you later. Oh, by the way, the radio says the pope just died.
Mr. B.: And there is no heaven. Bet he was shocked.

Please address all hate mail to Mr. B., c/o Bitch Ph.D. Thank you.


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zelda1 said...

I just wanted to know if the pope got buried in all that bling bling and if he did who guards the grave. I also wanted to know if all of that exposure to the air for all this time isn't hastening the decomposition of his body and just how much incense can they burn to hide the smell and also who is shooing away the flies, we know the armed guards are shooing away the poor. And I should be doing my school work instead of blogging but I am so fucking manic that I can't stop once I stop.