Saturday, April 23, 2005

Becoming Hitler for Jesus

You want something that's going to disturb you, go read this:

One night I asked Josh, a brother from Atlanta who was hoping to do mission work overseas, if I could look at some materials the Family had given him. “Man, I'd love to share them with you,” he said, and retrieved from his bureau drawer two folders full of documents. While my brothers slept, I sat at the end of our long, oak dining table and copied them into my notebook.

In a document entitled “Our Common Agreement as a Core Group,” members of the Family are instructed to form a “core group,” or a “cell,” which is defined as “a publicly invisible but privately identifiable group of companions.” A document called “Thoughts on a Core Group” explains that “Communists use cells as their basic structure. The mafia operates like this, and the basic unit of the Marine Corps is the four man squad. Hitler, Lenin, and many others understood the power of a small core of people.”

Another document, “Thoughts and Principles of the Family,” sets forth political guidelines, such as

21. We recognize the place and responsibility of national secular leaders in the work of advancing His kingdom.
23. To the world in general we will say that we are “in Christ” rather than “Christian”—“Christian” having become a political term in most of the world and in the United States a meaningless term.
24. We desire to see a leadership led by God—leaders of all levels of society who direct projects as they are led by the spirit.

And who belongs to this group? You'll be surprised. Though I wasn't.


zelda1 said...

This is frightening. To think men only and political men who are meeting in secret and are doing things in the name of Jesus. Talking about wars to be won against Muslims. Where did they read Jesus calling men to war? Oh my God, and now, they have a pope, who is a former Nazi, and the world thinks that is okay. Not that I am catholic but religion and politics-well in times past it has been proven the two don't mix. I went to high school with this guy, who is now a missionary to spain. Wow! did he pick a deep jungle to go to, but anyway he is there to change the religion of that very catholic country. He sent me an email telling me that right now in Spain they are on the verge of letting homosexuals marry. I am thinking that in Spain, they don't have a little core group like we have in our country, keeping things pure, following the law to the letter, or that would not happen. I am thinking all those other countries that in the past have seemed weird to me, well I am thinking they are not the weird ones but we here in this country, the country that has all this power, the one that was once colonized, revolted, and now invades countries, not to colonize, but to take what we want and need. I am thinking that possibly these countries that are Muslim are being targeted for one reason and it is getting sanctioned for another. Religion has no place in politics or in government or in schools.
We are so screwed.

Anonymous said...

"You guys are here to learn how to rule the world." Ye gods, the arrogance! And it's really sickening and scary to think that, with the government we have in this country, he could very well be right.