Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Horowitz whines some more

This is just hilarious:

David Horowitz is giving one of his lame speeches about how persecuted the Wingers are on university campuses these days, and some (admittedly lame) kids fling a pie at him (Luckily, he exclaims in his email, my glasses weren't broken!): and just like Ann Coulter when she gets pied, he over-reacts with massive hysteria, declaring this one of the many acts in a "wave of leftist violence against conservative speakers on college campuses."


(Although Ann, of course, over-reacted more hysterically, calling for the guys who attacked her to be killed. Pie-throwing, from Ann's perspective, is a capital offense.)

Anyway, Horowitz waxes furious about the "attack" he suffered in an email received by Brad at Sadly, No, calling the pie-throwing, among other things, "near-guerilla tactics." (He also creates wild hyperbole in many other areas -- claiming that the female guerilla warrior, for instance, "spewed" racial ephithets at his compatriot -- but if the alert reader checks the story, the alert reader will discover that, in fact, the female in question is pregant and, in fact, is charging the compatriot with assaulting her; and only after being charged by the pregnant female did the compatriot then claim that the female insulted him.

(From the story:

One pregnant student filed a complaint with police, saying Butler sociology professor Marvin Scott -- one of the people who pursued the pie-thrower -- assaulted her.
Scott, a Republican who ran for the U.S. Senate and lost to Sen. Evan Bayh last year, denied the allegation.
"I can tell you it's not true," Scott said.
Scott, who is black, said the student hurled some racial slurs at him.
"This is after I allegedly pushed her down. She was following me down the hall," Scott said.


In ANY case, as a commenter on Sadly, No notes:

Let me get this straight.

Abu Ghraib torture was a bunch of college pranks...

...and actual college pranks are guerrilla warfare.

Wow, "down" really is "up".

Posted by: Kenneth A at April 15, 2005 04:55 PM

You gotta love the Right Wing.

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