Thursday, April 07, 2005


Little Jonah tries to do a smack-down of Krugman, but Jesse over at Pandagon rips him a new one here:

Jonah's main thesis (which he can't remember for two consecutive paragraphs, as Jesse points out) is that Conservatives are too smart and talented and noble to go into the Academy; only losers and egomanics (that is to say, liberals) would want to be university professors; but nevertheless that's not why there are so many liberals among the ranks of university professors.

Nay! It is because liberals are mean evil losers! Who won't let conservatives be the professors they, uh, don't want to be. Or something.

And there isn't either anything called the Academic Bill of Rights! That's a big lie! Shut up! Don't look over there at Horowitz buzzing around the country pushing it! Don't look at all the conservative blogs cheering for it! Don't look at all the legislatures passing bills about it! What are you talking about? It doesn't exist!

Ooo! Look! Terri Shiavo!

What a fuckwit.

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