Tuesday, September 20, 2005


The kid has decided to deal with her phobic terror of aliens (which was how she was dealing with her phobic terror of Katrina, by displacing it onto a phobic terror of aliens invading from Mars in order to steal all of our water -- they haven't got water on Mars, you know, and are very thirsty there, and having seen all the pictures of floods in Katrina, well, obviously) by inventing an invisible alien named Slimy, from Mars, who follows her about and steals water from all sorts of appalling places -- dog dishes, puddles, abandoned soda cans, dirty toilet bowls, the more disgusting the better. "Well, he's very thirsty, you know," she tells me when I appeal for decorum. "There is very little water on Mars."

He is a nice alien. Just thirsty. Not like the ones we were having earlier, who were going to suck her blood and eat her eyeballs and kill us all. So I'm going with it.

I would demand to know where this child came from but I am afraid I know. You reap what you sow.


zelda1 said...

It was the blob. That is what frightened me. Any trauma in my life, and there was a plenty, and I had this huge liver looking blob slowly coming into every window and door in our house. So, no one cared if I had terrors or dreams that left totally paralyzed, thus, I had to come up with a killer of these blobs and it was the giant salt shaker, salt kills blobs and makes them melt like water does the wicked witch. It is so good that she has the imagination to fight her Martians. She will be a great writer.

CB said...

U know, I have always had a bit of a phobia against moths. Scarey little things are they, flying at you and doing mothy stuff.