Sunday, September 11, 2005

Billy Bragg

Some Billy Bragg for you:

I kept the faith and I kept voting
Not for the iron fist but for the helping hand
For theirs is a land with a wall around it
And mine is a faith in my fellow man

Theirs is a land of hope and glory
Mine is the green field and the factory floor
Theirs are the skies all dark with bombers
And mine is the peace we know
Between the wars

Call up the craftsmen
Bring me the draftsmen
Build me a path from cradle to grave
And I'll give my consent
To any government
That does not deny a man a living wage

Go find the young men never to fight again
Bring up the banners from the days gone by
Sweet moderation
Heart of this nation
Desert us not, we are
Between the wars

I'm not kidding. Billy Bragg's all that's keeping me going these days.

I got this one off the Peel Session, which the Other Liberal Professor happened to have a copy of. (It's No Longer Available. But very beautiful.)

mr. delagar has very sweetly ordered me some more Billy, all the way from England. I can't wait.

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zelda1 said...

Don't you hate it when people spam your blog. I have been spamming them back. Anyway, I went to a Billy Bragg site and found lots of his lyrics and spent an hour or so reading them to Mr. Zelda. He was highly offended that I would enjoy anyone who so made fun of the President of the USA and I politely reminded him of how he and other conservatives dissed on President Clinton and he said that was different. I said yes it was different. Clinton was a good president, bush a bad one.