Thursday, September 15, 2005

Happy Birthday to My Blog

It's the One Year Anniversary of Delagar!

Have some Cake! Have Some Pie! Have a Snakebite!

Have one of my favorite posts!

Seriously, I'd like to thank Pete M., wherever he is. I have this blog only because he stopped by the day after I started messing with it and told me I could, too, have a blog. Thanks, Pete. I hope you're doing okay.

Also Geeky Mom and DED Space and Old Cranky and Zelda and the Other Liberal Professor and Dr. B and all the folks out in the blogosphere who give me a reason to go on.

And Billy Bragg. Why not. I'd like to thank Billy Bragg.


Ol Cranky said...

Happy blogiversary (and thanks for giving me something worth reading)

zelda1 said...

Happy one year birthday of your blog, and thanks for the incentive to get my own. I check your blog first thing every morning, then a few others then the mail. Your work is greatly admired by me.

Diane said...

Happy Birthday! I recently had my 3rd and didn't realize it until you posted this.

I filled up on pills and pie at at Lefty's last night (it was Elvis night), so I'll just have one nice glass of champagne.

Many happy returns to Delagar.