Thursday, September 01, 2005

Refugees & Other News

Just heard from our admin that we're going to be admitting refugee university students from New Orleans into our classes, here and up in Fayetteville. Fort Chaffee is setting up to take 7,000 refugees. On the one hand, this cheers me up -- someone is planning somewhere. On the other hand, it makes it apparent no one is, in fact, going back to New Orleans in the near future.

Also, our National Guard students just got called up. They're being shipped down to New Orleans tomorrow.

We're been doing a fund drive for Katrina victims all day, over in the student center.

And the news out of the city just gets worse.

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PapaCool said...

So correct. The best idea out there is for all families of wealth who have second homes to offer their residences. This would be the best parent news could hear to help children. They need schools and stable envirnoment to get through this.