Friday, September 23, 2005

Our Health Care System? It's Grea-AAAt!

As you might recall, the kid's been dealing with a pile of anxiety over this whole Katrina thing. So it's getting out of hand -- she's not sleeping, and when she does sleep she has nightmares, she can't be alone in rooms, she doesn't want to go to school, she's terrified of anywhere dark, or any strange noise, she has panic attacks, she doesn't want to do anything but sit next to me in the white chair (her favorite chair) and read Calvin & Hobbes books, or huddle in the TV room watching Animal Planet.

So I took her to her doctor, who said this sounded like PTSD, which I pretty much already knew, said it might get better on its own, but since it seemed to be getting worse and not better, recommended we try a child therapist.

So I called one. And found out our insurance -- which, okay, is not great insurance, I give up, our insurance SUCKS -- our insurance has, for mental health care, a five hundred dollar per year deductable (this is besides the thousand dollar deductable it has for regular health care) and then, after that, it's only going to cover 80% of the cost -- and then only up to a $5000 cap.

Did I mention this is September? And Academics are poor in September?

And I just went through fucking bankruptcy for medical reasons?

I am so pissed off.

But I made an appointment anyway.


Anonymous said...

My son went through something similar as a 6th-7th grader. I was very sick with various ailments and hospitalized several times over a year and a half. At first he seemed ok, then began being bothered by dreams and worries about health problems. He couldn't hear about any illness without panicking. At one point, he saw a commercial promoting some anxiety drug, turned to me with eyes opened wide and asked anxiously, "Do I have anxiety?" Eventually, he got over it, but it took a LOT of reassurance, hugs, and talking. I think his recovery (although he's still a bit sensitive about such things) had a lot to do with my health improving, too.

I wish the best for your daughter and family and am hopeful that she improves quickly.

Anonymous said...

BTW, my husband is an insurance agent. He used to sell health plans but hasn't for several years. The people who need plans the most can't afford them. My husband tells everyone who asks him about health insurance to write their representatives to tell them to develop a national health care plan.

zelda1 said...

I agree about having a national health care system. Mr. Zelda is forced to work at a job he hates because of the insurance, if he quits, it is highly unlikely that he would get insurance for either of us or at least for a year, we would have to pay for our own medicne and if we either one had problems with our diseases, he crones, me asthma, rhematoid arthritis, and of course I'm nuts, then the insurance would not cover us for that year. It sucks. the one thing that humans shouldn't have to deal with is worry over coverage. Everyone should have health care when they need it.