Friday, September 02, 2005


My brother has been evacuated -- and his dog, so that's good. They're in Covington, LA.

mr. delagar took the call, as my brother could not get through to anyone else, and he has just called me, and I must say he is a very unsatisfactory source of information. He says my brother is being taken to the hospital in Lafayette, and I'm like WHAT? WHAT?

He's not sick, mr. delagar says. They're just taking them there.

Well, why, then? I demand.

I don't know, mr. delagar says. They just are.

You didn't ask?


(Like, why would I ask that?)

What's next? I say. Where do they go after that? How is he? Is Jinx okay?

I don't know, mr. delagar says. He just said to call your parents and let them know he was out. He can't get through, the circuits keep coming up busy.


At least he found out about Jinx.

Probably he didn't though, probably my brother told him about Jinx.

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