Friday, September 30, 2005

My Shit

Here's some news for you:

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Anonymous said...


I do not know that you have ever been in combat for any period of time, but if you have been then you know that after seeing and doing what I consider horrific things, one starts to think "fucked up" things and do "fucked up" things.

For example after an ambush where two US soldiers (both 18yrs old) in my convoy were killed I continually shot and kicked the body of one of the Iraqis responsible for the ambush.

But I guess it is easy to judge from an air conditioned house, with cool drinking water, clean clothes, and all the amenities of America what is right and wrong in combat.

Am I being clear as to how devoid of meaning your complaint is? When is the last time you wondered if today was your day to die from an IED or ambush?