Wednesday, September 14, 2005

But but but

It's not NATURAL!


Ol Cranky said...

wow, we're kinda-sorta on the same wavelength today; conservative are using March of the Penguins to support their beliefs.

zelda1 said...

When I was a child, I had two male cats and there were plenty of females in the neighborhood, but my male cats were gay and they had sex and if they had sex with the in-heat females, I never saw them and I watched. I was a curious child. In fact, Joe used to run off any other cat who tried to get close to Blue. Joe was so jealous. Anyway, I have always known that all animals in the animal kingdom have and will continue to have gay relationships. I always told my friends that my male cats were practicing for when they grew up but they were lovers until Joe, chasing a frog, was hit by a car and died. Then months later, Blue found a little kitten he groomed for about a year and he and the kitten ran off together. I think they may have gone to San Francisco or Little Rock.