Wednesday, September 07, 2005

All Those Moral Levees Failing

Steve has a post about what was actually happening in New Orleans when the stupid media was playing up the looting and gun-fightings in streets:


zelda1 said...

I am walking up the giant hill to my class and there are these fundies who are holding gian signs, "obey jesus or you will Parish." and they quote a vese from the NT. I am thinking they are either stupid and don't know how to spell Perish or they are playing on parish and the New Orleans disaster and in their wee little minds putting the disaster as a punishment for not obeying Jesus. I say, hey, do you obey Jesus? The guy says yes I do and I say do you give all your money to the poor and he says that didn't mean to give all your money to the poor that was a parable for the rich man. I say re read it and after you have done what jesus said then you can pick on the rest of us about our sins and by the way, you might want to use a dictionary and learn how to spell before you make giant signs for university students to read and then I squinted my eyes and say unless you are making a terrible assumption that New Orleans was some way resembling Sodom and in that case you are way off and need to read the Bible. He got angry and I smiled and say have a nice day. And does this have anything to do with anything? Probably not, I am really not making much sense these days.

delagar said...

Good for you, Zelda. Keep asking them questions!