Friday, September 30, 2005

Failed at Life

You know, if Danielle Crittenden wants to marry young and start popping out Frum-rat after Frum-rat, no matter how miserable it makes her (and the answer, btw, is, apparently, hideously miserably, if we are to believe the testimony of her stellar novel, AmandaBright@home), that's her business.

Really is. And if Fundavengelicals want to marry off their daughters and sons when they're barely old enough to vote and make them start breeding at that age as well and teach them that is what Jesus wants and if they don't do this they aren't obedient to God's will, well, if their sons and daughters go along with it, I reckon that's their business too.

It's when they start saying the rest of us need to do it as well -- that's when I get edgy.

It's when they start saying things like this that I start looking around for the exit:

It's not about identity. It's about obedience. When it comes to marriage, we don't need a burning bush to know if it's God's will. He's already told us it is. If we're not specially gifted to be celibate, we're called to marriage. There's no third option; no lifestyle choice to remain single because it's more fun or more fulfilling or more spiritual than being married. Yes, if you're gifted with a calling to celibacy, a la Paul, then that is your duty. But if you're not -- and Scripture is clear that most of us aren't -- then our calling is marriage.

And then, of course, once married? We must keep popping out the babies:

Severing the link between marriage and children is a modern concept, born of material wealth, political freedom and technological advancements. But just because we can do something doesn't mean we should. God has not revoked His charge to the first couple, Adam and Eve, to be fruitful and multiply. (And contrary to public opinion, we're in dire need of more, not fewer, people on this earth.) When we marry and choose not to have children, we violate our very design and disobey our God. (We've talked at length about this on Boundless, including articles by J. Budziszewski and Matt Kaufman.)

There's more, including rebuttals to emails sent in protest to the original essay -- apparently even the readers of Dobson's site are having trouble swallowing this claptrap.


CB said...

hmm, in my future: no kids, no marriage.

I'm going to hell. Know anyone who wants to go with?

delagar said...

Jewish hell, as I told my Diverse Culture class this week, is not so bad. It's sort of like a cross between math class and a very badly maintained public park. You get yelled at a lot, and have to repent, and do a lot of remedial work on your soul, but you only have to stay a few semesters -- one year, tops -- and then you move on out.

So don't fret.

And certainly don't go getting married over it. Jeesh.

zelda1 said...

God also said to sacrifice turtle doves and lambs and beat the kids with rods and do all of those literal things but we don't. He said for women on the rag to stay out of the camp and so forth and so on and not to eat pork and not to eat camels and not to eat well lobsters but we still do, so what the fuck is this fucktards problem. I stayed single for as long as I possibly could, but then the lightbulbs were getting to hard for me change so I needed a man to screw them for me so alas, Mr. Zelda. Hmmm, but I don't consider my years of not being married to be sinful, I consider them blissful. HA!